Ok, I haven't updated in awhile :) The rules have been updated, but I haven't had time to turn it into html. I will get to it as soon as I can

Skirmish ratings are up. Find them in the "Troops" section. Also added to the troop section is the data for Artillery ammo.

Troops are up. It is not the format I intend to keep, but it gives you the info you need for now.

Added basing system (basics).

I have a heavy schedule at work until after the first of June. Troop ratings will be delayed.

I have begun uploading the leader ratings. Troop ratings to follow.

Well, I had a frenchman check my title... and my French was bad. The title is A l'Ombre des Aigles

Finally came up with a title for the rules. For those who care, it means In The Shadow Of Eagles.

Leader casualty rules added (Morale)

Some cosmetic changes