First, let me thank you for your interest in these rules. They are still in thier early stages and I need all the input I can get.

I've done my best to reproduce the charts in HTML, but it may be more useful to have a printed copy. I've included a PDF of the charts which you can get here:



If this is your first visit, please look the rules over. If you still want to participate in the playtest send me an e-mail with an order of battle you wish to use. I will return it with all the leaders and troops rated along with any special rules pertaing to the armies.

For those interested in a program that is designed specifically to generate Orders of Battle, please visit I find the program to work well and is very useful. The program is for Windows, but works fine in Virtual PC for those of you on a Mac.

NOTE: I work on a Mac, so I will send the OoB data in Word, Appleworks, or PDF format. Please specify which format works for you. If none of these do let me know what will and I'll endevor to comply.

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