This project began back in 1992 when I became completely disenchanted with the rules that were available for the Napoléonic wars. The problems I saw with the rules then largely had to do with command and troop quality. Most rule sets tended to rate the French and British as almost godlike, while the rest of Europe was obviously populated with rank amateurs. And when it came to command, unless you were French or British, you apparently had to have a lobotomy in order to achieve the rank of general. It did not take a great deal of reading to see that in reality most troops where generally of the same or better quality than the French, the British did not use machineguns and all the nations had their share of competent and even good commanders.

In 1998, Mike O’brien and Ivor Janci started playtesting Stonewall and Iron. I was immediately taken with the basic concepts that they had come up with and began adapting what I had been working on to the core of Stonewall & Iron. Obviously there are some major differences between the Civil War and "smoothbore musket" period, but the realities of command and the basic methods of combat are the same.

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